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Back to the office

Now that we’ve finally seen the back end of lockdown, lots of us are returning to the office and spending less time working from home. Many people are commuting to and from work again and tend to be on their feet more.


Sadly, feet are often the last thing we think about when it comes to our overall health, however, neglecting your feet can quickly turn into a larger issue and cause more serious long term health problems.


This will outline some simple steps you can take to improve your foot health and have your feet feeling great.


1.    Walk! That’s right, its nothing too fancy, it can be as simple as taking a flight of stairs instead of the elevator or taking a short stroll on your lunch break. It is great for your cardiovascular and mental health, even its just for 30 minutes each day. Getting your step count up also strengthens musculature in your feet and greatly lowers your risk of future injury.


2.    Moisturizing at least once a week. Being on your feet more can cause you skin to dry out and crack. This is particularly important as we go into the colder months due to the reduction in humidity. Using a moisturizer that contains the active ingredient ‘urea’ can improve the skins integrity and prevent callous formation.


3.    Remember to dry your feet. Forgetting to dry your feet after showering can lead to damaged skin. Skin conditions such as Tinia Pedis, more commonly known as Athletes foot, can develop if the skin is not dried properly.


4.    Wear appropriate shoes to and from work. Blisters, overuse injuries, callous and corns are all common issues that can occur from wearing inadequate footwear. Finding a pair of shoes that have arch support, adequate cushioning and a small heel will provide you with more comfort and help prevent foot pain.


Whether your job involves standing, walking or sitting you should always take the time to look after your feet. Our feet are the foundation of our entire body, therefore should not be taken for granted. If you’re experiencing discomfort when on your feet at work, make sure to give your podiatrist a call so we can have you back on your feet, pain-free.