Tooronga Podiatry

Cabrini Health Podiatry

Tooronga Podiatry is very proud to provide the Podiatry service at Cabrini Health.

Cabrini Hospital-based Podiatry services offer an array of specialised treatments, ranging from wound care and routine podiatry care to orthotic prescriptions and gait analysis. Individuals with diabetic foot ulcers, for instance, benefit immensely from the multidisciplinary support available in hospitals, as these ulcers can lead to severe complications if left untreated. Podiatrists collaborate with Wound Care team, Medical Specialists and other Allied Health Care teams to implement strategies that facilitate healing, manage infection, and prevent amputations.


Depending on your foot health issues, your Podiatry treatment at Cabrini Health will be covered either by an “in-hospital charge”, or charged as a “Private fee”. 

Your Cabrini Podiatrist will discuss any potential out of pocket expense with you prior to treatment. 

Have you already see a Carbini Podiatrist?

If you have already seen a Podiatrist at Cabrini and you would like to further discuss your Podiatry care, please get in contact directly with Tooronga Podiatry  and we can help answer any questions you may have

Do you want to see a Podiatrist at Cabrini?

If you would like to see a Podiatrist at Cabrini Hospital, please ask your nursing staff and they will make a referral through the hospital system and give you an idea or when we will come by and see you in Hospital. 

Podiatry at Cabrini

Podiatry is a specialised field of health care focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions related to the feet, ankles, and lower extremities, plays a crucial role within hospital settings. The integration of Podiatry services within Cabrini Hospitals offers several distinct advantages, contributing to comprehensive patient care and improved overall health outcomes.

Having Podiatry services at Cabrini allows for enhanced collaboration and interdisciplinary care. Patients often have complex medical histories, where foot and ankle issues can be symptomatic of underlying systemic conditions such as diabetes, vascular diseases, or arthritis. By working alongside Medical and other Allied Health specialists, Podiatrists can contribute their expertise to the holistic management of patients, addressing both localised foot concerns and their broader health implications.

Hospitals provide an environment conducive to the seamless coordination of care. Patients can conveniently access various diagnostic tools such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and laboratory tests within the same facility, enabling swift and accurate diagnoses. This integrated approach results in timely treatment interventions, reducing the risk of complications and promoting faster recovery.


The ongoing development of the Podiatry services at Cabrini Hospital brings a multitude of advantages. This integration fosters comprehensive patient care through interdisciplinary collaboration, timely diagnosis, and specialised treatments. Cabrini Podiatrists contribute to both localised foot health and the management of underlying systemic conditions, promoting faster recovery and improved overall quality of life.