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Podiatry in the NDIS

Welcome to Tooronga Podiatry, your trusted partner in delivering exceptional podiatry services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). At Tooronga Podiatry, we understand the unique needs of individuals with permanent and significant disabilities, and our mission is to provide specialised and compassionate care tailored to enhance the mobility and well-being of our clients.


Our team of podiatrists in Malvern are committed to offering a comprehensive range of NDIS-approved podiatry services. We prioritise the individual needs of each client, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care to support their overall health and independence. Tooronga Podiatry provides a personalised and professional approach to NDIS podiatry services.

Tooronga Podiatry and the NDIS




Our NDIS registered Podiatry team are able to provide your heath needs through a Self-Managed NDIS Podiatry, Plan Managed NDIS Podiatry or though a NDIA Registered Podiatry funding arrangmenet. 

What NDIS Podiatry is avalible?

A podiatrist can help manage your foot care needs. Podiatrists can develop a podiatry care plan that will outline how you or someone else can help you manage your foot care.

  • an initial consultation and assessment by a podiatrist
  • the development of a podiatry care plan
  • foot care, such as toenail cutting or callus removal to prevent foot-related problems
  • regular re-assessment during your care plan
  • a detailed assessment at the end of your care plan, to make sure your next plan includes the right amount of support.

What is "assistive technology"?

NDIS Podiatry can provide equipment to help protect and manage your feet, so that you don’t need as much regular foot care. We call this “assistive technology”. Our team of NDIS registered Podiatrists can help manage this.

Assistive technology to help manage your foot care needs may include things like:

  • orthoses such as a brace or splint
  • custom – made orthoses
  • medical grade footwear. These are shoes which have been modified to include special features like heel lifts, rocker bottom soles, toe skates or flared soles to accommodate the wearing of braces and callipers.
  • custom footwear, for example, to accommodate the wearing of splints or braces
  • maintenance and repair of your podiatry related assistive technology.

Tooronga Podiatry, through being NDIS approved, are able to develop a plan to help you manage your feet as best as possible.