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Stepping Towards Wellness: Navigating Podiatry under NDIS Support with Tooronga Podiatry

Welcome to Tooronga Podiatry, your dedicated partner in podiatry and foot care under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of podiatry and foot care supports, the unique services offered by Tooronga Podiatry, and how individuals under the NDIS can benefit from tailored assistance to enhance their overall well-being.

Podiatry and Foot Care Supports:

Podiatry and foot care supports play a pivotal role in addressing conditions affecting feet, ankles, and legs. These disability-related health aids are exclusively funded when directly linked to your disability, aiding in day-to-day activities. Tooronga Podiatry specializes in offering comprehensive services, including the assessment and formulation of personalized podiatry care plans. These plans provide detailed guidance on foot care and may involve interventions such as foot orthotics – specialized shoe inserts supporting feet and posture.


Connecting NDIS Participants:
When considering podiatry through the NDIS it is important to understand the system. Tooronga Podiatry facilitates a seamless connection to the NDIS health service’s. In instances where your disability poses challenges to independent foot care management, funding may be allocated for a podiatrist to assist, covering essential tasks like toenail cutting to prevent complications.

Additional Support:

Tooronga Podiatry goes the extra mile by potentially including funding for a dedicated support worker. This additional assistance could encompass the use of specific shoe supports or personalized foot exercises tailored to your unique needs. The overarching goal is to provide holistic support, addressing individual requirements and promoting comprehensive foot health.

Tooronga Podiatry stands as a beacon for unparalleled podiatry and foot care supports, ensuring that individuals under the NDIS receive specialized assistance tailored to their unique needs. The commitment of Tooronga Podiatry extends beyond conventional podiatry, aiming to enhance mobility, alleviate discomfort, and contribute to an improved quality of life. Take confident steps towards wellness with Tooronga Podiatry, where your foot health is not just a priority but a commitment to comprehensive well-being

This information is only a guide and should not be used as substitute for assessment and treatment by a health professional. If you have any issues relating to your foot health you should consult with your GP or contact us at Tooronga Podiatry. 

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