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NDIS Podiatry

How does Podiatry in the NDIS work?

The NDIS funding can be provided in one of three ways. Funding can help participants access Podiatry services with the NDIS framework. 


Tooronga Podiatry is registered as a provider of NDIS Podiatry services and as such can provide Podiatry services to all participants  


Our Podiatry Team are ready to help you 




Our NDIS registered Podiatry team are able to provide your heath needs through a Self-Managed NDIS Podiatry, Plan Managed NDIS Podiatry or though a NDIA Registered Podiatry funding arrangmenet. 

What NDIS Podiatry is avalible?

Podiatry and foot care supports play a crucial role in treating and managing conditions affecting your feet, ankles, and legs. Within the Australian health system, these supports may be available through the NDIS program, and Tooronga Podiatry can assist in funding them if they are directly related to your disability. Funding is considered based on the impact of your disability on daily activities, and support may include specialised shoes or financial assistance for treating foot problems. This becomes particularly vital if your disability affects the sensation in your feet, emphasizing the importance of personalized podiatry care to enhance your overall well-being.